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Movies and Music… The future in developing markets.

Do you think Music and Movies will remain the services you pay for….…Think few years from now and you will get conflicting answers….Movies we will debate later however let’s discuss Music.

My Take —

As far as mobile service are concerned urban consumer will stop paying to a great extent in the next 2 years and rural will follow the same in the next 5 years. All this is excluding RBT. RBT is the service which customer will still like to pay for however the question is how many subscribers will stick to RBT.

So what will lead to the non payments of music services —

1. Penetration of smart phones.
2. Mobile Phone evolution into a music player
3. FM on Mobile/Penetration of FM in rural areas.
4. Penetration of computers
5. Convenience/ full track transfers from computers.

Handset manufactures in a year or at best two years from now will stop selling any feature phones and people will also slowly move towards getting the music sync from computers/SD cards/disk drives and free online sites. Music distribution will change in future completely and will be only available online and compatible with the music devices available. DVD/CD will die its own death.

One can drive people to still pay for this and drive people to the site; however this will be completely impulsive buying behaviour.

How in these scenarios one will keep them hooked on to the mobile downloads.

1. Keep it extremely cheap (Consumer won’t mind )
2. Huge library ( options to consumers)
3. Easy search ( Two clicks and I am able to download the song I need)
4. Give it free ( at least 50% of the library)
5. Charge the Data transfer. ( consumers are Willing to pay for this)

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